Why choose Remedy?

Going beyond the guesswork of the interview and written tests that do not cover professionalism and work attitude.

We unite employers and qualified associates in powerful ways that enable both to prosper and grow.


Access to immediate human resources. Remedy’s smart, active recruiting process allows us to maintain our pledge for “In Fast/Work Fast” placement. Remedy aims to place qualified applicants within 5 days, and a 24-hour emergency service hotline ensures employers receive skilled and motivated workers ready to work when you need them.

Our exclusive Human Performance Technology (HPT) goes far beyond traditional basic “can do” skills testing. In addition to a powerful selection of basic skills tests, our state-of-the-art, proven behavioral science tools also help us gauge the crucial “will do” attitudes and behavioral traits needed to do the best possible job in your culture and environment. These “will do” traits include attitude, work ethic, initiative, teamwork, dependability and ability to learn.

Remedy Knowledge Bank
 In addition to HPT, Remedy also uses a system called Remedy Knowledge Bank to test applicants on the more commonly used software applications. Remedy’s Knowledge Bank system is a product of ProveIt. We have the ability to test and train using today’s most popular software packages. Remedy Knowledge Bank evaluates proficiency on over 250 different software programs. Remedy Knowledge Bank allows a hands-on approach working with the different software packages, and rates each applicant as basic, intermediate or advanced on each package.

We offer the only truly full service approach to meet your business needs in Hawaii. We help you find the people you need now through our immediate hire, temporary-to-hire, money saver conversion, temporary, payroll and search/placement programs. We also have proven expertise in developing and implementing customized human resources, training and development, and safety and health programs that systematically help you achieve your key business objectives.

Our leading workforce management technologies, including the EDGE, make your job easier. Our exclusive Employee Data Gathering and Evaluation (EDGE) goes beyond conventional time and attendance packages to provide clients with 10 or more flexible workers with instant on-line access to workforce hours, costs, attendance, and performance evaluations. Clients can even manage their own workforce with EDGE. Additional workforce management technologies include benchmarking successful employees, on-site management, master vendor partnerships, and performance management.

We provide exceptional customer service. Our customers or client companies, our associates, and our colleagues are consistently honored with courtesy, dignity, and respect. We are committed to exceeding the industry’s highest standards and your expectations.

Benefits to Associates are among the best in the staffing industry. Associates can elect health care benefits (including medical and dental insurance, prescription drug, and vision plans) after working for a company for 30 consecutive days at a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Remedy is a professional staffing and human resources service firm. Our staffing consultants have relevant college degrees with honors and several years of human resource experience in large, progressive organizations.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Remedy is committed to providing their clients with total satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of one of our associates for any reason, simply notify your Remedy account representative within the first 16 hours worked by the associate and we will replace the associate or refund the charges.